The Soul art of L'ADONÉ


Soul message - The gateway to yourself


Each soul painting is unique and establishes a direct connection to its own origin. This creates a direct communication to the source of all being and the incarnated part of the soul, which is experienced through the respective personality. 


Through the silent contemplation and the effect of the painting in the direct environment  a loving touch and interaction with your soul and yourself is created. Inspirations come into your life, your own path, the planned path of the soul becomes more conscious and blockade dissolve.


Every painting reflects the beauty and perfection for your own soul, wether it is a personally created painting on commission or you feel magically attracted by an already painted picture.


Every message is a companion for life - the energy never stops flowing.



Price: Din A3, including handmade framing and Passepartout (white): 1200 EUR, transport and custom costs are exclusive (Shipment is from Switzerland)

Processing time: 4-6 weeks

Contact: For order please contact: Leila Ayach,