The high art of perfumery


Le grand art des parfums


The brand L'ADONÉ and the exclusive ELENYA Collection of L'ADONÉ parfums moves far away from the dedicates

of fashion trends and the masses.


L'ADONÉ is the art of creating noble fragrances.


The art of combining fragrances is considered the highest sophistication of a personality, equal to the correct choice of colours in the combination of garments, the harmonious combination of words in a poem or the colours within a painting.


L'ADONÉ fragrances reflect this sensuality and sophistication. Each perfume is a work of art with noble fragrance creations that reflect beauty and aesthetics. A noble fragrance is something very personal and underlines the individuality of the wearer.


The exclusive collection is produced in small limited quantities. 


Each Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance composition full of expression and fascinations, 

consisting of selected ingredients of the highest quality.


The ingredients are subject to the strictest criteria, vegan, cruelty free, free of harmful components, free of animal testing, 

free of overexploitation of nature and in respect and esteem for human, animals and the environment.


Our goal is to make our customers happy, so that they feel embedded in a wonderful fragrance 

that underlines their personality.






Meaning of the monogram of L'ADONÉ


The Universe

The sun

The stars