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L'ADONÉ  is pleased to introduce you the new items of 2023

ELENYA silver & ELENYA purple ! 


Discovery set Mini-Samplings, new Items ELENYA silver + ELENYA purple in a box

3 Mini-Samplings ELENYA silver

3 Mini-Samplings ELENYA purple

40,00 €

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Discovery Set: Mini-Samplings, 6 items in a box

6 Mini-Samplings (ELENYA azur/ELENYA gold/ELENYA white/ELENYA black/ ELENYA silver/ ELENYA purple) in a box

40,00 €

  • Ships within 5-10 days1

ELENYA silver (new)

Oriental fruity woody  - Unisex - Extrait de Parfum - concentration 25% - 50 ml


Silver is a sophisticated colour; associated with prestige &

prosperity. A symbol for lunar illumination and reflection; the

ebb and flow of its tides. It is soothing and purifying, yet mystical

and elegant.

ELENYA silver is a fragrance that leads you a fluid and emotional

journey into the subconscious, and the secrets of your inner being.

ELENYA silver is warm, earthy and floral. Opening with full body

top notes of Peach, Fig and Ylang Ylang, the middle notes of

Violet and Musk are nicely rounded off with Pink Pepper and



Top: Pink Pepper, Peach, Fig, Ylang Ylang

Heart: Tubereuse, Violet, white Musk

Base:  Sandalwood, Driftwood, White Lotus


Essential oils:

Peppermint essential oil 0.1%, Ylang Ylang oil of the Comores 0.1%, Davana

oil 0.1%, Patchouly oil terpene-free stored 0.5%, Sandalwood from New

Caledoinea 1%, Pink Pepper 3%, Patchouly oil iron-free 5% Plus Traces of

Geranium oil and Tuberose absolute.


290,00 €

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ELENYA purple (new)

Oriental leathery flowery - Unisex - Extrait de Parfum - concentration 25% - 50ml


Purple presents passion, power, dignity and spirituality. It is a

noble, extravagant, inspirational; a mystic guide to destiny and

tranformation of the soul.

ELENYA purple is a passionate, powerful fragrance, uniting the

energy and strenght of red, and the spirituality and integrity of

blue, for a truly independent fragrance whose character inspires

spiritual self-awareness.

ELENYA purple is a fine floral fragrance. Warm and woody it

opens with notes of Jasmine, Rose, Pink Pepper and Rhubarb, and

it is underlinded by oriental notes of Cedar and Leather. Its base

is nicely rounded with a touch of Patchouly, Honey and Vetivier.


Top: Jasmine, Rose, Pink Pepper, Rhubarb

Heart: Leather Accord (inspired from Morocco), Rose, Touch of Rasperry,

Cashmere, Cedar

Base: Patchouly, Honey, Rose, Vetiver


Essential oils:

Rose absolute 0.1%, Geranimumoil Africa 0.1%, Thyme oil 0.1%, Cypriol

oil 0.15%, Distilled lime oil 0.15%, Pink Pepper 0.5%, Jasmin absolute

sambac 0.1%, Rose oil Bulgaria 0.4%, Black Pepper oil 1%, Lemon oil

Italy 2%, Cedarwood oil Virgina 2%, Vetiver oil 4%, Patchouly oil iron

free 6% plus traces of violet leaves absolute and Osmanthus absolute.


290,00 €

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Oriental woody ambery - Unisex - Extrait de Parfum - concentration 15% - 50 ml


The origin of the ELENYA fragrance « azur » lead to the famous

french city of Grasse on the beautiful Côte d’Azur. The first in the

line of ELENYA fragrances has been justly named « azur », or

skyblue in homage to its fascinating orginins

ELENYA azur is an Oriental Woody composition. The main top

note is characterised by the exclusive scent of Teak Wood, accented

by notes of Violet Rose blossoms and a hint of Saffron. The middle

notes are rounded off by a slightly animal Eaglewood, balanced and 

deepened by notes of Leather and Tobacco.


Top: exclusive Teakwood, violet Rose leaves, Safran, Elemiharz

Heart: Sandal, light animal Eaglewood (oud), Tolu-Balm, Iris

Base: Oakmoos, grey Ambra, Leathernotes, Tabacco


Essential oils:

Bergamot oil 0.7%, Cinnamon bark oil 0.05 %, Cypriol oil 0.15%, Labdanum

absolute 0.15%, Iris absolute 0.06%, Patchouly oil 2%, Sandelwood oil from

NewCaledonia, Styrax resinoid 0.1%, Mandarine oil 0.2%, Lemon oil Italy 0,9%



280,00 €

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Oriental floral - Unisex - Extrait de Parfum -  concentration 16% - 50 ml


Symbolically, gold represents only the best. This precious metal has

been the chosen metal of gods and kings since early times. The

fragrance ELENYA gold signifying shining light, delivers light, the

warmth of the sun and beauty

ELENYA gold is an oriental floral composition that opens with notes of

Black Orchid and Sicilian Bergamot. White Lemon Blossoms and a

drop of Cardamon accompany this combination, accented by notes of

Sandalwood and Coconut, embedded in precious Iris Blossom, rounded

and deepened by Vetiver.


Top: black Orchid in combination with Sicilian Bergamot, ensnared by white

Lemonblossoms and a drop of Cardamon

Heart: sensual milkforam, white woods (sandal) Monoi (Coconutoil) embedded in

precious Iris

Base: Sandalwood, Moschus, cosmetic Vetiver, Lemonwood, Coconut


Essential oils:

Bergamot oil 1%, Cardamom oil 0.4%, Cypriol oil 0.2%, Labdanum absolute

0.1%, Iris absolute 0.12%, Sandalwood oil from New Caledonia 0.12%,

Styrax resinoid 0.2%, Vetiver oil 0.3 %


280,00 €

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ELENYA white

Oriental floral powdery - Unisex - Extrait de Parfum - concentration 17% - 50 ml


The perfect colour, white symbolizes white, faith, joy and happiness.

ELENYA white offers a glimpse into the Collection, defining its

mysterious sensual character and timeless elegance without revealing

to much.

ELENYA white is an elegant oriental floral scent with an intense top

note of Jasmin Samba rounded off with soft Iris powder, fresh

Bergamot and Tuberose. Siam Benzoin adds a sensual, full-bodied

character to the Peach Blossom heart note. ELENYA white’s Patchouli

foundation enhances the warm, velvety Sandalwood in the base note

balanced by a sensual Musk accord.


Top: Jasmine Sambac, Iris, Bergamot, Tubereuse

Heart: Violet feuilles, Peachblossoms, Benzoe siam, Patchouly

Base: slight Animal Musk Accord, green Rose petals, Sandalwood. Wisteria


Essential oils:

Davana 0.1%, Jasmine Maroc 0.1%, Labdanum 0.3%, Tubereuse Absolute 0.3%,

Mandarineoil 0.5%, Benzoe Siam Resinoide 0.5%, Guajac wood 1.7%,

Patchouly oil 5%, Bergamot oil 0.5%

280,00 €

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ELENYA black

Oriental spicy ambery - Unisex - Extrait de Parfum - concentration 20% - 50 ml


ELENYA black, associated with the dark blue starry night sky and

the Dragon constellation expresses timeless elegance and dignity,

yet it is full of mysticism and a deep secret.

ELENYA black is a warm, spicy oriental scent. Olibanum

Frankincense combined with Pink Pepper, beguiling Ylang and

Bergamot define the top note. Smoky-resinous Black Amber, the

warm scent of Cloves and earthy Cyprid are rounded off by

harmonizing Orris to form the heart note. The Ambra-line

Balsamic and caramelizing Labdanum base note is underlinded

with Patchouli, Ambre and Tonka.


Top: Olibanum, Ylang Ylang, Pink Pepper, Bergamot

Heart: Clove, Orris, Cypriol, Black Amber

Base: Patchouly, Labdanum absolute, Ambre, Tonka


Essential oils:

Clove leave oil 0.3%, Cinnamon oil 0.3%, Olibanum Resinoide 0.3%,

Labdanum absolute 0.3%, Cypriol o.5%, Benzoe Siam Resinoide 0.5%, Pink

Pepper 0.5%, Ylang Ylang oil 0.5%, Sandalwood oil New Caledonia 0.7%,

Olibanum oil 2%, Natural Patchouly alcohol 4.5%, Patchouly oil 8.5 %,

Bergamot oil 1.3%


280,00 €

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  • Ships within 5-10 days1