L'ADONÉ parfums


At L`ADONÉ parfums each fragrance is viewed as a piece of art.  As a painting, a musical composition or a literary work, a perfume is open to a variety of interpretations. Similar to artistic, literary and musical compositions, the individual components of L’ADONÉ parfums come together to create a fragrance masterpiece.


L`ADONÉ signature fragrance collection has been created by artisans with an affinity for their art and made expressly for perfume connoisseurs who enjoy life to the fullest, with all its many facets and contradictions, who desire to express their individuality through a unique combination of scents, and especially for those who appreciate quality products that pay attention to the smallest detail.


“Are you a visionary, dreamer, decision maker, adventurer, or epicurean?”


L`ADONÉ parfums leave nothing to chance. We take pride in offering only the highest-quality fragrances.


L`ADONÉ parfums are unisex fragrances. No borders or restrictions exist as to which fragrance a man or woman may wear. A man may desire to emphasize his feminine side with a female fragrance and a woman may desire to emphasize her masculine side with a male fragrance.


“Does the wearer choose the fragrance or does the fragrance choose the wearer?”


ELENYA is the name of one of the stars in the Dracon Constellation designating “bright light”. Our ELENYA perfumes awaken not only to the sense of smell, but each of the five senses. Each ELENYA perfume paints a picture of its universe. The enchantment of these fragrances can open your heart and unlock the door to your internal world and hidden personality. 


L’ADONÉ parfums, at this constellation, enable you to shine above the rest.