L'ADONÉ is not just about exclusive Extrait de Parfums, but about messages to touch the soul and heart. Out of this intention, the 81 messages of love have been created, which should inspire you to never lose sight of your own path and your own desires.

"Never stop dreaming


Live your dream”


“Your longing is your truth and reality”

 “Don’t get sidelined by other motives,

but walk unwaveringly towards

your own motives”

“Follow your own path,not the path of others”

„You are the most important person in your life”

“Take from the expanse of the universe

what you desire and don’t limit yourself”

 “There is no time,

there is only the here and now”

“Walk unwaveringly on your path


do not let others distract you”

“You are worth to live

What your heart is telling you”

“You are not alone”

“You are unique and wonderful”

“You have the solution within you”

„The path to freedom is the path to love”

 “You are the most important person

in your life


take care of yourself and your

environment will automatically

benefit from it”


“Trust the images from your heart


and trust yourself”

“Make heartfelt decisions”

“You are the creator of your

own world


Now go forth”

“Be brave and transform

the vision of your heart


This is your truth"

“Live your personality


Trust yourself”

 “Open yourself to the wonders

in your life


Realise it is so”

„It’s about you


Just about you”

 “Don’t worry about the how


Know it will happen”

“Do not think of the how


Believe in the creation”

“You have been created as work

of art and you are of immeasurable value”

“You are the creator of your

own world


Now go forth”

 “Be brave and transform

the vision of your heart


This is your truth”

 “There is no one-only



“Worry not of the times of



Believe that events will choreograph

together in

beautiful harmony”

„Let yourself be guided


Though the path is not straight,

it is more exciting and surprising than you think”


“Do not deterred by a locked door

and do not remain standing

in front of it


Go forth knowing that

something more sublime is awaiting you”

“You find yourself in transformation


You free yourself as a caterpillar

from a cocoon and though not easy, you are on the path

of liberation to your essential self”

“Never stop believing in miracles


Know that they are part

of your reality and welcome them”

“Look forward to all the

Wonderful encounters that touch your heart and go

further where you feel no touch of your heart”

“You are unique


Expressing your uniqueness in  what you say,

how you move,how you dress,

in your doing,

in your being



Because that is YOU! "

 “Decide for yourself


You are as free as you believe.

Dare to go your wonderful way


You know which way to go”

„Just be yourself




Free from what you were told, what others

mean as you have to live.

You are the most important person in

your live


Just live yourself and everything will

be solved for you”

“Who are you?

A visionary, a sage, an epicure,

a healer, an adventurer, an artist,

a scientist, an aesthete, a philosopher?


Know who you are and express your wonderful personality.

Free yourself from imposed restrictions”

 “Listen to your inner voice


She is your guide, it is the message

of your heart and you realize



You wear all the answers in you”

“Be in the lightness


Live in the here and now


Do not think about the time, for it is an

illusion and burden. Think and live out of

the here and now, even if it does not always succeed, but these few thoughts from the

here and now can carry hidden treasures and are the precursors of wonderful compliments and surprises”

 “Live your unique beauty


Live the visions of your artistic heart,

they are your reality and the

guide of your life”

“Be proud of yourself and the

achievements you have generated.

Be proud and thankful that

you exist in this world

and you enrich it with your being”

“Love and appreciate yourself and

yourself will be given so much love and


appreciation from the outside”

“You are a jewel and an

enrichement for the people


around you”

„Do not look at the lives of others,

but consider your wonderful life,

you know it is perfect

and all the potential in your life is present”

“Liberate yourself from everything you

do not well, from people,

from things and situations that

draw you down and surround

yourself with inspiration”


 “Live your own truth


Be authentic

Through this authenticity, you will

feel uplifted and the negative


superfluous feelings will dissolve away”


“Be confident in yourself and your environment will have


confidence to you”

“You are always in the right place at

the right time


You do not need to worry


This is the lightness”

 “Do not live in the past, do not

worry about the future


Live in the moment where everything occurs”

 “Your happiness is not dependent

on others


There are no dependencies


You are the person who determines your life, you have the power”

“Do not hold back your talents

…live them,

and so enrich your fellow human being”

 „Be open to life’s


and you will be enriched”

“Follow your goals with

straightforward determination but

let surprise be a wonderful guide”

“Do not be too strict with yourself,

take time for yourself and for what

really gives you pleasure”


“You are a great gift for your

fellow human beings, be aware of this”

“Be yourself and not what others

want you to be”

“Love your unique life

with you

in the leading role”

“You are unique


Express this uniqueness in everything you do”

 “Let your heart decide and use

your mind

only as an instrument”

„Trust yourself and new doors

will open”

“Unfold your being and be yourself”

 “Stop overthinking.

Just let it flow and you will

realize things will happen”

 “Courage means, in the

presence of fear,

to pass through one’s own fear”

“Within the state of fear love is absent


this however is an illusion.

Love however is the state of reality and truth”

“Discover your multifaceted being,

Live in all your multiple realities”


“Discover your multifaceted being,

Live in all your multiple realities”


“If the giving and taking are in balance,

Your whole life is in balance”

“Overcome the limits imposed on yourself

and experience your unlimited self”

„You are born to be free and

Independent and to live the life

after you are longing”

 “Live your wonderful creativity

and enrich your fellow human beings”

“Everything you see is you


Change what you don’t like and be patient with you”

“Be patient with yourself


Everything develops at the right time”


“Live your essence, your being and

give it expression in everything you do”

“You are eternal


You have always been and


you always be”

 “The Universe loves you.

Do not allow other obstructions disrupt this believe”

 “Your opposite is another you”


„Follow your intuition and the right

solutions will be revealed to you”

“Within the calm and silence of

your mind listen to your heart”



“The Universe is guided through you


Feel its creativity within you”

“Get out of the way and let yourself

be done in the knowledge that

the Universe loves you”

“Love yourself and this love in

term will be reflected in your


“You are unique


Live your uniqueness and follow

your unique path”

“Go your unique way and let

Yourself be inspired by your heart”

“You are the creator of your life,

accordingly you have all the

solutions in you


Trust yourself”